• Transport


    Transport is one of the sectors emitting the most greenhouse gases, accounting for 19 percent of the world’s total energy use. In the EU, the transport sector is responsible for one-third of all carbon dioxide emissions. In developing countries and emerging economies, emissions from the transport sector are also on the rise (1).

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  • Energy


    Within the EU, transport accounts for one-third of total energy use, while industry and households each use approximately one quarter of total energy (1). The connection between energy consumption and gender has long been ignored. Below are some examples connected to household energy consumption and attitudes toward energy conservation.

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  • Consumption


    Consumption is closely connected to how people organize their everyday lives, including their routines, expectations and attitudes. Consumption can be viewed from the perspective of both wellbeing and gender. There is often a correlation between these two explanatory models.

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  • Food


    Would you like a large steak for dinner, or perhaps a salad? Studies show that women and men tend to answer this question somewhat differently.

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